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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

There's a certain attitude that those of wealth carry as they move through the world. A certain amount of confidence that is emitted when you lack a scarcity mindset. That's the energy I wanted Cynthea to bring to shoot. The loose theme for this shoot was "Old Money vs. New Money".

Fortunately, Cynthea did not need much direction from me in order to possess this energy. Cynthea already gives off a self-assured sense of poise. You can actively see it through the fire in her eyes and the power in her stance.

With this style shoot, I wanted to challenge myself in the realm of color. I'm naturally drawn to rich and vibrant hues, colors that demand to be seen. I ventured in the opposite direction with this shoot, choosing to stick with an overall muted and neutral color palette, introducing a limited number of pastel hues. Through this color story, I was able to show the level of sophistication that can be achieved with varying tones, light materials + subtle textures. My goal was to communicate a confident and simultaneously carefree sense of class that young black women can ascribe to have (if they so choose to).

With every wardrobe change, I could sense Cynthea's energy level up. Each look making her feel more powerful than the next. It also could have been the music that I was playing. Cocky + cheeky hype songs ONLY on this shoot. So a little Megan Thee Stallion...and a lot of Rico Nasty!

Such a beautiful friendship has blossomed since this shoot! Now Cynthea and I get together every month for what's called our Manifestation Meetup where we discuss our goals for the year. It's an intentional moment for us to check-in, celebrate our milestones and hold each other accountable every step of the way. I can't wait to see what we accomplish by the end of 2020!

Be sure to follow Cynthea on Instagram @lacedincyn and through her business, Brunch for the Soul.

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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Linked up with Daisya Collins of Ft45 Agency for some STYLE MAGIC.

Sometimes, there is something so beautiful about the connections that are made through social media. This project started with a hesitant direct message to a complete stranger and soon became one of my favorite shoots to date. A true collaboration with another creative who understood the power and art of style. (I've interacted with Daisya on a couple of projects since this one. See previous blog post.)

For this shoot, Daisya and I joined forces mixing sporty-chic pieces from her wardrobe with textured and printed pieces from my own. I believe the layering of our two styles created a beautiful balance. Something fresh and genuinely exciting. And since we both had a love for thrifting and quality vintage, many of the pieces were secondhand.

The tennis court was such a refreshing setting with great textures and graphic lines. A wonderful contrast from the style we created that surprisingly felt right in place. Both setting and outfits were playful and interactive with colors that were both rich and understated.

Now let's talk about Daisya. The confidence she brought in front of the camera was so effortless and introspective. And she moved with such ease, making my job as a photographer a breeze. Such a synergetic experience. I see nothing but thoughtful image-making on her path to greatness.

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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

To begin my new year, I decided to write a letter to myself, laying out the woman I'd be. Not how this woman would dress or look, but how this woman would feel. More importantly, how this woman would make others feel when around her.

Six months into the year and another trip around the sun, I feel like my birthday is the perfect time to check in on this evolving woman and share my letter with the world.

I will be the woman whose presence is felt the moment she walks into a room. The woman whose warmth is tangible before she even opens her mouth to speak. The woman who smiles genuinely in public, because she is beaming with gratitude and joy. The woman who carries herself with grace and poise knowing that she has done the work and deserves everything that is meant for her. The woman who is comfortable and confident enough in who she is, to be her true, unabashed self amongst any and every crowd or circle.

I will be the woman who can ground herself and find her center in any scenario, whether it be peaceful or chaotic. The woman who adapts to her surroundings and does the best she can to rise to the challenge. The woman who finds safety and security in herself. The woman who maintains her sense of identity when amongst others who may have accomplished more than she, have better stories than she, seem more relatable than she. I will be the woman who continuously supports and uplifts other women. I will be the woman whose ego is in check.

I will be the woman who takes pride in being an excellent communicator. The woman who listens completely before she responds. The woman who radiates empathy and compassion for others. The woman who shows more interest in people and less judgment of people. I will be the woman who gives herself enough grace to learn from her mistakes and grow. The woman who walks through the world with more love and less fear.

I will be the woman who sparks up a conversation with a complete stranger and makes them feel like a friend. The woman who is open and vulnerable enough to reveal parts of herself with others. The woman who uses her charm and sense of humor to make others laugh and smile. The woman who sees herself as a blessing to be shared with others.

The best part is that I am already this woman...just not consistently. So, I am excited to see this woman come into existence...intentionally.

And happy birthday to me!

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