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Far from Waspy with Daisya

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Linked up with Daisya Collins of Ft45 Agency for some STYLE MAGIC.

Sometimes, there is something so beautiful about the connections that are made through social media. This project started with a hesitant direct message to a complete stranger and soon became one of my favorite shoots to date. A true collaboration with another creative who understood the power and art of style. (I've interacted with Daisya on a couple of projects since this one. See previous blog post.)

For this shoot, Daisya and I joined forces mixing sporty-chic pieces from her wardrobe with textured and printed pieces from my own. I believe the layering of our two styles created a beautiful balance. Something fresh and genuinely exciting. And since we both had a love for thrifting and quality vintage, many of the pieces were secondhand.

The tennis court was such a refreshing setting with great textures and graphic lines. A wonderful contrast from the style we created that surprisingly felt right in place. Both setting and outfits were playful and interactive with colors that were both rich and understated.

Now let's talk about Daisya. The confidence she brought in front of the camera was so effortless and introspective. And she moved with such ease, making my job as a photographer a breeze. Such a synergetic experience. I see nothing but thoughtful image-making on her path to greatness.

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