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Hoping This Heals You

Hoping This Heals You is a public and visual form of journaling for me. It was birthed from the need to "catch" my fleeting thoughts and "release" my ruminating ones.

For two years, I had been collecting piles of multi-colored sticky notes of varying sizes filled with epiphanies and positive self-talk. Hoarding them for days when I was feeling beyond low and would need a little help lifting my spirits. Eventually, I could no longer keep these thoughts to myself and would feel the need to share them. I shared them as a way to connect to others, to temporarily relieve others of their pain by providing joy, remind them that they are seen, and motivate them to continue doing their absolute best. Because life is fucking hard and no one should feel as if they are fumbling through it alone.

Uncomplicated and easy to digest, my intent was to share messages that would hit you quickly, then linger. I wanted to share messages that required small actions. Actions that could be done in real-time. Baby steps.

Overall, this project has indirectly been a continuous lesson in developing my empathy and compassion. And I'm happy that my willingness to be vulnerable has brought me here.

Be sure to join the @hopingthishealsyou community on Instagram for more inspo. Take care!

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