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24/7 Coin Laundry with Chloe

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Nothing like having a fashion shoot at the laundry mat with a family audience watching. This laundry mat is kinda cool because of the mirrors along the right wall and the classic Pac-Man arcade machine in the back. Unfortunately, when we got there, the machine was either unplugged or turned off. But it's all good. I tried out some fun techniques like shooting through foggy, wet glass and playing around with flash. Check out the full shoot below.

This shoot was real fun to style since most laundry mats in Baton Rouge have a dated aesthetic. A modern 90's vibe was the mood. We went for very vibrant, high contrast pieces that would pair well with all of the shades of green on the interior like the green floors and lime green washer displays.

Neon Green Sheer Graphic Top: America's Thrift

Highlighter Yellow Sports Bra: Old Navy

White belt with gold wishbone clasp: Our Hope Thrift

Bright orange bike shorts, jewelry + white Chuck Taylor's: Chloe's own

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